The Freckled Fox: Modern Pin-up Week: #2

The Freckled Fox: Modern Pin-up Week: #2

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  • Title: The Freckled Fox: Modern Pin-up Week: #2
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The Freckled Fox: Modern Pin-up Week: #4. Step #3: Use a couple bobby pins to secure the them by putting your fingers inside the roll and inserting the pins towards the back. Mold them a little if desired by pinching and tugging the the outsides outward and up slightly. Next take your scarf and double it over from opposite corners.

The Freckled Fox: Modern Pin-up Week: #6. Step #1: Alright we're gonna start with smooth hair, and have your clips or pins ready for a bunch of sectioning! The first one will be the bang section from eyebrow to eyebrow and up around in a curve. Next you'll grab the section from the back of your curve straight to your ear, and the same on the other side and pin.

The Freckled Fox: Modern Pin-up Week: #3. Besides the curling (which really isn't bad, especially if you hair's shorter than mine.haha) this comes together pretty quickly! The roll itself takes about five minutes, which is pretty awesome for the main componant of a retro pin-up hairstyle, so even if you don't try the whole style you really should give at least the roll a chance and of

The Freckled Fox: Modern Pin-up Week: #1. Yep you got it! I decided to have a little extra fun this month and do another week of retro pin-up hairstyle tutorials! Each of the looks that I post this week will be really classic and period, but each with their own little twists. Also if you missed the last week of pin-up tutorials, find them

Retro Pin-up Style Hair Tutorials By The Freckled Fox. If you haven’t met Emily from The Freckled Fox, you’re missing out on some pretty sweet stuff! In particular, her recent Sweetheart Hair tutorials! She has recreated a bunch of retro hairdos and shows you exactly how to achieve popular vintage pin-up styles like bumper bangs, victory rolls, and even the famous “Rosie The Riveter” look

The Freckled Fox. Tomorrow is Halloween and it's been the best year yet as a family preparing for it! We've been able to do all of our old family traditions (which isn't a very big list yet), and still keep October relaxed and super fun, and we've added in a few new things that we'll definitely try to keep doing moving forward!

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